Snow Ball Shrimp

    Snow Ball Shrimp

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    Scientific Name: Neocaridina. davidi
    Common Name: Snow Ball, White Pearl 
    Fully Grown Size: 1.6 inches (4cm)

    Snowballs are pure white shrimps or translucent white. There are no grading to snowballs compared to other neocaridina as they breed consistent white color. 

    Snowballs come from the Neocaridina Palmata Line and have been selectively bred to get its white color. Although there are multiple colors of neocaridina in the same line, it is not recommended to mix them to keep the genes to be the purist it can be. If you do however mix the colors, you will most likely end up with wild brown colored offsprings.

    Snowballs like all neocaridinas are slightly harder to sex until they mature. Once they mature, the female will have a curved underbelly and the male will have a straight underbelly. Snowballs are fast breeders as they breed at the same rate as red cherry shrimps.

    These are popular among the shrimp hobby and are great for people getting into the hobby. A general rule of thumb of keeping shrimps is 10 shrimps per gallon.  Snowballs are non-aggressive and spend most of their time eating algae and biofilm off plants, glass, and substrate. They make excellent clean up crews for aquascape tanks. 

    Snowballs are easy to care for as they require remineralized RO water or tap. If you are using tap, keep in mind to check for any harmful metals or chemicals in the water as all tap water is different and some aren't safe to use. When using fertilizer, make sure it does not contain copper as it is harmful to the shrimp's health.

    The shrimps you will receive will be sub adults to adults which translate to 1.5cm to 2.0cm. 

    Water Parameter:

    Ph 6.6-7.6
    TDS 150-300 
    GH 4-8
    KH 0-4
    Temperature 72-75F

    Tank Set up:
    Remineralized RO with SL Aqua GH Conditioner and SL Aqua KH Conditioner
    Black Lava Rocks

    QV-200A Sponge Filter

    SL Aqua MORE White (Rich in minerals and trace elements to promote healthy growth and molts and enhances colorations for shrimps.)
    SL Aqua MORE Meat (Increases growth rate)
    SL Aqua MORE Veggie (Provides a balanced diet, enhances coloration, and promotes shrimp's immunity)



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