Here at Billyboi Aquatics located in Los Angeles, California, we specialize in providing everything you need for your shrimp. From accessories, plants, to the actual live aquatic shrimp, we carry a wide range of products you need to create the best environment for your beloved shrimps.


My Story

I’ve been in the aquarium hobby since 2007 but started off mainly in just fish keeping. It wasn't until late 2016 when I was first introduced to the fascinating world of shrimp keeping. It all started when my buddy gave me 10 pure red line shrimps. Before I finished acclimating the shrimp, I was already hooked. During the first few weeks of shrimp keeping, I pester my friends and fellow hobbyists for tips on how to keep and breed shrimps. By the time I was two months into my first shrimp tank, I had lots of babies. That’s when I knew I needed to go bigger and set up a shrimp rack to keep and breed more varieties. So, I set out on building a system with thirteen 20-gallon tanks to further feed my shrimp addiction. As I continued my shrimp keeping journey, my passion for breeding grew stronger and I eventually decided to upgrade my system to add twenty-four additional tanks. After keeping hundreds of different types of shrimps and learning all the fundamentals of this hobby, I was fully vested and knew that I was ready to devote my life to sharing my passion. That’s when I decided to start this business in hopes that I can share my love of shrimp breeding with everyone.