(How to set up a shrimp tank with SL Aqua's complete product line!

I’d recommend using a 10 gallon to 20 gallon tank to provide the best living environment possible. It’s not too small for parameter fluctuation and it’s not too big to look for your shrimps. 

This cycle can work for both caridinas and neocardinas. For neocaridinas, please use inert substrate and add kh conditioner along with gh conditioner.

Day 1

  1. For the base add a Milione (sprinkle over surface) and Mironekuton Clay (200 grams per 26 gallon).
  2. Add buffering substrate. We generally recommend using 2 inches of substrate. You can use your thumb to measure the substrate or a measuring tape.
  3. Add a layer of SL Aqua’s Magic Powder on top of the soil (you may use slightly more than recommended if you would like).
  4. Add ™-1 and Aquavital (Follow instruction on bottle for proper measurements).
  5. Add Rodi water until you double the height of your soil. (So if you add 2 inches of substrate. You would want 4 inches of water).
  6. Add Nitrifying Bacteria (Follow instruction on bottle for proper measurements) (I would add half a 250ml bottle to kick start the bacteria).
  7. Leave alone for 24-48 hours.

Day 3

  1. After waiting, you would want to add your filter, heater, and top off the water.
  2. Turn on filters, Turn on the heater to 86-89F, and leave light on for 24/7 for 2 to 3 weeks (3 weeks recommended).
  3. Add a cap full of nitrifying bacteria every other day for the cycling period (You will see Biofilm but is nothing to be concerned about).

Day 21

  1. After cycling, Do a 80% water change with remineralized RO water. Add ™-1, aquavital, and NBM ceramic board. 
  2. Let the tank run for a day and check parameters.

Day 22

  1. Add shrimps.