Black Galaxy Pinto BOA gene S-SS (Homebred)

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    Dive into the captivating world of aquascaping with the Black Galaxy Pinto Shrimp (S-SS) featuring the illustrious BOA genes. These shrimp are a testament to the beauty and diversity that nature can offer, combined with meticulous breeding to enhance their striking characteristics. Perfect for hobbyists and professional aquarists alike, these shrimp are a vibrant addition to any freshwater aquarium.

    Exquisite Appearance

    The Black Galaxy Pinto Shrimp is renowned for its mesmerizing pattern and color. Exhibiting a striking black and white contrast, these shrimp have a celestial pattern that resembles a starry night sky, hence the name "Galaxy." The "Pinto" aspect refers to the intricate, almost artistic splattering of white across their black exoskeleton, creating a unique and individual look for each shrimp.

    Grading and Quality: S-SS

    The grading system for these shrimp ranges from S to SS, with S-SS indicating premium quality. These grades are a reflection of the clarity and intensity of their coloration, the symmetry of their patterns, and the overall health and vitality of the shrimp. An S-SS grade Black Galaxy Pinto is guaranteed to be among the most beautiful and robust of its kind, showcasing exceptional traits that stand out even among other high-grade shrimps.

    The BOA Genes: Enhancing Elegance

    The incorporation of BOA genes in these shrimp further enhances their desirability. The BOA gene complex contributes to more intricate and varied patterning, along with heightened color intensity. This genetic enhancement ensures that each shrimp not only meets but exceeds the aesthetic expectations set by the Black Galaxy Pinto lineage. With BOA genes, these shrimp exhibit a deeper, more lustrous black, and more vivid white markings, adding to their overall allure.

    Scientific Name: Caridina cf. cantonensis
    Common Name: Black Galaxy Pinto, Black Galaxy, Snowflake Pinto
    Fully Grown Size: 1.2 inches

    Black Galaxy Pinto has spots on its face as well has have zebra stripe pattern on top of its body. These galaxie's spots resembles the galaxy with many stars. Galaxie's has been getting popular because they were once $50-$200 shrimps but has been made affordable over recent years. Black Galaxies are graded with the amount of spots on its cheek as well as how big those spots are. Low grade are 1 to 3 spots, mid grade are 4 to 5 spots, and high grade are 6 to 8 or even more.

    These have been bred extensively for years to obtain its spots on its cheeks. Many people believe they came from Steels Tibee and Zebra Pinto. 

    These are great for people who kept shrimps and are looking into something different and a little more challenging. A general rule of thumb of keeping shrimps is 10 shrimps per gallon.  Black Galaxy are non-aggressive and spend most of their time eating algae and biofilm off plants, glass, and substrate.

    Black Galaxy are intermediate to care for as they require remineralized RO water. When using fertilizer, make sure it does not contain copper as it is harmful to the shrimp’s health.

    Breeding Potential

    For the dedicated aquarist, breeding Black Galaxy Pinto Shrimp with BOA genes can be a rewarding endeavor. To encourage breeding:

    • Stable Environment: Ensure stable water conditions and minimal stress.
    • Special Diet: Supplement their diet with high-protein foods to enhance breeding conditions.
    • Mature Tank: Use a mature, well-cycled tank to provide the necessary biofilm and microfauna that shrimp larvae feed on.

    Why Choose Black Galaxy Pinto Shrimp with BOA Genes?

    • Visual Appeal: Their unique patterns and intense colors make them a standout in any tank.
    • Genetic Superiority: The BOA genes ensure that each shrimp has a robust genetic makeup, leading to healthier and more vibrant offspring.
    • Aquascaping Excellence: They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your aquarium, elevating it to a new level of beauty.
    • Interactive and Engaging: Watching these shrimp as they forage and interact is both relaxing and fascinating, providing endless enjoyment.


    Black Galaxy Pinto Shrimp with BOA genes are more than just an addition to your aquarium—they are a statement piece. Their unparalleled beauty, combined with their fascinating behavior, makes them a must-have for any serious aquarist. Whether you're looking to enhance the visual appeal of your tank or delve into the rewarding hobby of shrimp breeding, these shrimp offer endless possibilities. Treat your aquarium to the mesmerizing charm of Black Galaxy Pinto Shrimp with BOA genes, and watch as they transform your underwater world into a living masterpiece.

    The shrimps you will receive will be juvies to sub adults which translate to 0.47 to 0.60 inches (1.2cm to 1.5cm). 

    Water Parameter:
    Ph 6.2-6.6
    TDS 120-140
    GH 4-5
    KH 0-1 (Best if 0)
    Temperature 72-73F

    Tank Set up:
    Remineralized RO with SL Aqua GH Conditioner 
    SL Aqua Buffering Substrate

    QV-200A Sponge Filter

    SL Aqua MORE White (Rich in minerals and trace elements to promote healthy growth and molts and enhances colorations for shrimps.)
    SL Aqua MORE Meat (Increases growth rate)
    SL Aqua MORE Veggie (Provides a balanced diet, enhances coloration, and promotes shrimp's immunity)



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