SL-Aqua Micronekuton Mineral

    SL-Aqua Micronekuton Mineral


    Suitable for both fish and shrimp tank – It can eliminate odors, stabilize pH value and brighten color of creatures.This product is made from deep ocean minerals. It absorbs impure substances, makes the water crystal clear and eliminates odors.In addition, it can stabilize pH value, brighten color of creatures, and enhance breeding rate.

    • Put in a heaped measuring spoon(approx. 1.5 g) to every 10 liters of tank water, once a week.

    • Specification: 80g.

    Shipping Schedule:

    Monday- All Order Types
    Tuesday- All Order Types
    Wednesday- All Order Types
    Thursday- Next Day and Standard (No Shrimps)
    Friday- Standard (No Shrimps)
    Saturday- Shipping unavailable
    Sunday- Shipping unavailable

    Dead on Arrival Policy

    We guarantee live arrivals 100%.

    Although it's rare that shrimps will arrive DOA, it does occur due to the process of shipping and the amount of stress it puts on the shrimps so we always recommend overnight shipping. In an event of an DOA, a refund or reshipment will be issued for only the DOA (not including the shipping cost).

    To Claim DOA: 

    1. You must send a picture of the DOA in an unopened bag with 2 hours of delivery to
    2. Send an additional picture of the DOA outside of the bag, clear enough to count if more than one.