Red Galaxy Pinto S-SS (Snowflake Gene)

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    Enhance your aquascaping experience with the stunning Red Galaxy Pinto Shrimp (S-SS) featuring the enchanting Snowflake genes. These shrimp are a culmination of careful breeding, resulting in an exquisite display of color and pattern that is sure to captivate both novice and experienced aquarists. With their striking red and white markings, these shrimp bring a touch of elegance and wonder to any freshwater aquarium.

    Breathtaking Appearance

    The Red Galaxy Pinto Shrimp is renowned for its vivid and intricate coloration. These shrimp display a rich, deep red hue, accented by contrasting white markings that create a galaxy-like pattern on their exoskeleton. The term "Pinto" refers to the unique, often random distribution of white patches against the red background, making each shrimp a one-of-a-kind piece of living art.

    Superior Grading: S-SS

    Grading for these shrimp ranges from S to SS, with S-SS indicating the highest quality. This grading signifies shrimp with the most vibrant colors, well-defined patterns, and overall superior health and vitality. An S-SS grade Red Galaxy Pinto Shrimp is guaranteed to stand out with its exceptional appearance, making it a prized addition to any collection.

    The Magic of Snowflake Genes

    The inclusion of Snowflake genes in these shrimp takes their beauty to another level. The Snowflake genes enhance the shrimp's white markings, giving them a more delicate and intricate appearance. These genes contribute to the formation of tiny, snowflake-like patterns within the white patches, adding a layer of complexity and beauty to the shrimp's overall look. The result is a shrimp that not only displays stunning colors but also intricate patterns that are mesmerizing to observe.

    Breeding Excellence

    For aquarists interested in breeding, the Red Galaxy Pinto Shrimp with Snowflake genes offers exciting opportunities. To encourage successful breeding:

    • Stable Environment: Ensure stable water conditions and minimal stress.
    • Nutrient-Rich Diet: Supplement their diet with high-protein foods to promote breeding.
    • Mature Tank: Use a mature, well-cycled tank to provide the necessary biofilm and microfauna that shrimp larvae feed on.

    Why Choose Red Galaxy Pinto Shrimp with Snowflake Genes?

    • Stunning Visuals: Their unique patterns and intense colors make them a standout in any tank.
    • Genetic Brilliance: The Snowflake genes ensure each shrimp has a robust genetic makeup, leading to healthier and more vibrant offspring.
    • Aquascaping Gem: They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your aquarium, transforming it into a living piece of art.
    • Fascinating Behavior: Watching these shrimp forage and interact is both relaxing and fascinating, providing endless enjoyment.


    The Red Galaxy Pinto Shrimp with Snowflake genes is more than just an aquarium inhabitant; it is a living masterpiece. With their unparalleled beauty and intricate patterns, these shrimp are a must-have for any serious aquarist. Whether you're looking to enhance the visual appeal of your tank or delve into the rewarding hobby of shrimp breeding, these shrimp offer endless possibilities. Bring the enchanting charm of Red Galaxy Pinto Shrimp with Snowflake genes into your aquarium and watch as they transform your underwater world into a dazzling display of natural beauty.

    The shrimps you will receive will be juvies to sub adults which translate to 0.47 to 0.60 inches (1.2cm to 1.5cm). 

    Water Parameter:
    Ph 6.2-6.6
    TDS 120-140
    GH 4-5
    KH 0-1 (Best if 0)
    Temperature 72-73F

    Tank Set up:
    Remineralized RO with SL Aqua GH Conditioner 
    SL Aqua Buffering Substrate

    QV-200A Sponge Filter

    SL Aqua MORE White (Rich in minerals and trace elements to promote healthy growth and molts and enhances colorations for shrimps.)
    SL Aqua MORE Meat (Increases growth rate)
    SL Aqua MORE Veggie (Provides a balanced diet, enhances coloration, and promotes shrimp's immunity)



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