What's the difference between Crystal Red Shrimp and Pure Red Line Shrimp?

by Billy Boi on December 09, 2021

Crystal Red Shrimp and Pure Red Line
Left side Crystal Red Shrimp & Right Side Pure Red Line

Many people can mistaken a Pure Red Line Shrimp as a Crystal Red Shrimp. The reason being is that both shrimps looks similar but they are both genetically different. Pure Red Line Shrimps can only breed purebred crystal red shrimps as Crystal Red Shrimps can breed out crystal black, crystal red or golden bees.

Pure Red Line Shrimp also known as PRL's has vibrant colors and are graded by shell thickness, pattern, shape, and size. Pure Red Lines are bred and culled for years until they are consistently all good grades and most importantly, only breed out PRL's. Many would say Mosura patterns are SSS+ grade but in an experienced shrimp keeper's eyes, they pay attention to other details as well. If the Mosura PRL's shell is transparent, it may be considered a low grade shrimp.

Key Points of Pure Red Line Shrimps:
- Solid colored legs (white, red, or spider legs)
- Vibrant color body
- Clean Lines
- Thick Shell
- Colored swimming legs (Pleopods)

Crystal Red Shrimp also known as CRS are the most popular caridina shrimp in the hobby. Although some Crystal Reds can look slightly better than a Pure Red Line, generally they have a splotchy red and white body, clear legs, and may contain some black marking. Crystal Reds are also graded the same as PRL’s but are generally focused more on pattern.

Even if both shrimps are different, they are both easy caridina shrimps to keep!