How to properly use DSP Powder

by Billy Boi on October 04, 2021
Easy and fast! 
A normal tank would take 1 to 2 months to cycle but with DSP, it will take 2 weeks to cycle. DSP provides a source of food for micro flora/ fauna which is important to the ecosystem. Keep in mind because every tank set up is different, the cycle may vary.
Baby Food
DSP not only cycles tanks but can also be used as food. By adding 1 teaspoon of DSP per week, the powder will spread throughout the tank providing food to babies who mainly hide in one area in their pee wee stage. This will increase the baby's survival rate and allow them to grow at a faster rate than feeding hard pellet food as adults usually fight for food (commonly known as feeding frenzy).
Steps to cycling a new tank with DSP
  1. Add substrate
  2. Add two teaspoons onto the substrate either in a pile or sprinkled throughout the substrate.
  3. Fill the tank 20-30% and add two more teaspoon of DSP into the water
  4. Turn on lights and wait 24-48 hours for bacteria to colonize.(no filter should be running)
  5. After step 3, Fill the tank up with water and turn on filter (at this stage, it's recommended to leave lights on for the next 12-13 days)
  6. Test parameters to see if tank is cycled
  7. Put in shrimps!