How to keep Neocaridina Shrimps

by Billy Boi on December 08, 2021


Green Jade Neocaridina
Green Jade Shrimp

Neocaridinas are the most popular species of shrimps to keep due to its ability to adapt in various water parameters and how fast they breed. These shrimps originate from South East Asia and generally live in streams and ponds. Their natural colors are usually brown which we would call "Wild Type". Through extensive breeding and culling, shrimp farmers began to see beautiful colors such as red, blue, orange, and yellow. 

Things you will need to start a Neocaridina Shrimp Tank:
- Tank
- Sponge Filter, Hang on Filter, or Canister Filter
- Substrate (Inert or Aquarium buffering soil)
- Easy to keep Plants
- GH/KH Remineralizer
- Cycling method (This is to start off your bacteria colony)
- Light

It is recommended to keep all species of shrimps in at least a 10 Gallon tank or more for a more stable water parameter. It's best to start off with 10 shrimps to get a colony going or 20 shrimps if you would like to develop a colony sooner. 
Filtration is very important for shrimps due to the fact they are sensitive to ammonia and nitrite. Some may say their Walstad tank is fine for shrimps but is not guaranteed for everyone. Sponge filters are popular as they are cheap, easy to clean, and provide a hiding/grazing place for shrimps. Hang on and canister canister filters are also great for keeping a healthy bio load.
Many people question what substrate to use with Neocaridina, luckily they are able to adapt to both Inert Substrate (sand or gravel that won't affect water parameter) or Buffering Substrate (soil that lower pH and kh). It's good to have substrate so shrimps can forage for food and it stores healthy cycled bacteria.
Easy to grow plants are best for shrimp tanks as hardier plants tend to need higher lighting and Co2 injections. Plants not only add to the aesthetic look to the tank but also promote oxygenation to the water and regulate pH. 
Although Neocaridinas can adapt to a variety of water parameters, it is important to maintain it so the bacteria does not crash. We recommend doing a 20%-30% water change every one to two weeks and replenishing with GH/KH remineralized RODI water. 
Cycling a tank is necessary for shrimps and every livestock as healthy bacteria ensures that the nitration cycle is in its right order. There are many ways of cycling a tank, it just depends what route you would like to go. We use Billy's DSP Powder as it provides all the beneficial bacteria and vitamins to cycle our tanks. 
Using heaters is good as some places will get very cold and it keeps the temperature consistent. Consistent temperature can sometimes regulate breeding so they can breed year round which is good if you're looking to expand your colony.
In the end, Neocaridinas are great shrimps to start with if you're starting to get into the shrimp hobby. They are fascinating to watch and just as enjoyable as fish.