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    SL-Aqua NDM is an innovative aquarium product that uses advanced technology to provide the next generation of water safety solutions for aquatic environments. This special ceramic board is designed to decompose the nitrite molecule by changing the electron energies between valence and conduction bands. This results in a reduction of the nitrite levels in the aquarium, helping to protect aquatic pets from the harmful effects of nitrite poisoning.
    The NDM product is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of different applications. It can be used to improve water quality during the nitrification process, to protect aquatic pets and help maintain healthy water conditions in aquariums. It substantially improves the survival rate of aquatic pets by creating a safer and healthier environment for them to thrive in.
    The SL-Aqua NDM product is incredibly easy to use. Simply place the ceramic board into your aquarium filter, sump, or directly in the tank, and it will begin to work immediately. It is also incredibly low maintenance and can be used for extended periods without the need for replacement.
    Overall, the SL-Aqua NDM product is an essential tool for any serious aquarium enthusiast looking to provide a safe and healthy environment for their aquatic pets. Its advanced technology, versatility, and ease of use make it an indispensable tool for maintaining optimal water quality and promoting healthy aquatic pet growth and survival.
    SL-AQUA uses advanced technology to develop the next generation of water safety solution -NDM. This special ceramic board can decomposition the nitrite molecule by change the electron energies between valence and conduction bands. It also can protect aquatics during transporting or nitrifying bacteria efficacy failure, substantially improves the survival rate of aquatics.
    • 1. Put NDM into water directly, each NDM board can process 50L of water.
    • 2. Replace it within 3 months.
    • 3. Can be used on fish, shrimp, plant or live stocks transporting.
    • NDM can release the negative ion in water and speed up the oxidation of Ammonium and Nitrite.

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